by Gerry Fabian

We need a fresh floor plan

complete with sound solutions.

We need rubbish removal

of harsh horrible dings and dents.

We need to christen

with tear duct absolution

and scrub and scour

the tainted dirt and stains.

We need to plaster over

existing hairline cracks

and sand smooth abrasions

caused by shifting decades.

We need vivid, vibrant painting

complete with the fresh forgiveness

which will lead to heart cleansing

and an intimate soul sense.

We need barefoot rug awareness

and suggestive wall decorations

complete with electrical fixtures

that respond upon impact.

We need soft couch kisses,

a long divan of desire,

a fire hearth that reflects heat

to ignite idle imagination.

We need to become

who we once were

without giving up

who we are - together.

R. Gerry Fabian (he/him) is a poet and novelist. After teaching English and creative writing for thirty-five years in public school, he turned his focus back to writing. He is currently revising his fourth novel. His webpage is

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