Buy a star and give it your own name

by Kylie Yockey

Declare yourself an adjective

pick the pieces of you out at Build-A-Bear Workshop

decide if you like the sun

consider if you’re a human or a creature

stab someone in the back, just once

fit yourself for hide-and-seek golden spots

command strangers to call you by another name

figure out your star chart, just ‘cause

choose to eat from the kid’s menu only

get tattoos of the first line of every book you read

fight with someone’s dad about black holes

burn it, burn it now, before somebody sees

ace an “Are You Gay?” online quiz

forget everyone’s name as soon as you meet them

name yourself after your favorite constellation

write yourself an I.O.U., you know why

declare yourself then add an epithet

Kylie Ayn Yockey (she/her) is a queer creative and MA in Writing candidate at Spalding University. She is poetry editor for Blood Tree Literature. Her writing tends to explore consumption, ghosts, and apocalypse anxiety (you know, just body things.)

IG: @kylieaynyockey

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