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The Details

Thank you for your interest in Ripe Literary Journal. We kindly ask that you follow these guidelines to ensure a successful submission. Our response time to submissions may vary, as we are juggling life with our crafts too. We ask for a wait time of 1-2 months upon closing of our submission period. Though we have in the past, and so wish we still could, we are no longer able to offer honorariums to our contributors. Being a two bodied lit journal we just don't have the means at this time.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted though we ask that you notify us immediately should your work be accepted elsewhere. You may do so by replying to your original submission email noting which piece(s) you need to withdraw. We love to know that your work has made its way into the universe!

We ask that all work be previously unpublished. (That includes work published on social media or personal blogs.)

Ripe publishes once a year with an irregular schedule as able.

in your submission

(Please be sure to follow carefully - we are human too and this helps us - submissions that do not will be disregarded with or without response.)

If relevant, please include content warnings (CW) and/or trigger warnings (TW)

(i.e CW/TW: death) in your attached document before the title.


Up to (3) poems, not exceeding (2) pages each; Include clear titles with each piece on its own page. We appreciate easy-to-read 12 pt font.

Attach as a single file .doc/.docx

If you have nontraditional formatting you may include a .pdf

How/Where to Submit?

Send submissions to

Please format your email subject line and submission document(s) as:

Name - Title(s)

In the body of the email please include your name, pronouns, and a little about yourself. While we are happy for all your achievements please include a third person bio (50 words max) that DOES NOT focus on previous work.

We will send you a confirmation email noting receipt of your submission. If you do not receive one within (2) weeks, go ahead and give us a gentle reminder.

The ( kind of ) Fine Print

If your work is accepted, please wait one full issue after your publication before submitting again. This gives a chance to as many new voices as possible.

By submitting to us, if accepted, you grant us First North American Serial Rights & First Electronic Rights; upon publication rights revert to the creator. If work is republished elsewhere, we kindly ask you credit Ripe Literary Journal as first publisher. We also acquire Archival Rights so that we may keep your work archived online.

To Note

We will not tolerate:

  • racism, sexism, antisemitism, ableism

  • misogyny

  • homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia

  • hate/violence/discrimation, otherwise prejudiced writing

Please no:

  • Explicit sexual content, implied is fine

  • Excessive or unnecessary depictions of gore

  • Graphic violence or abuse

Should any of this be ignored we will disregard your submission.

We would not be without your support. Thank you.

We hope you find our guidelines easy to follow & neuro-friendly.

feel free to address any questions, concerns, or feedback to